Where to begin and end the health and mental illness? Who can be said to be healthy and who is not? The mental asylum is a world apart, little news filtered. Do not you realize to be people, we stripped of everything, like in a prison. Places almost unrelated to the society. A society that however makes you hugly, always on the run, fleeing from itself and from a quality of life. Make a film with a surreal and grotesque character on the social current model focuses on the search for efficiency and hyperactivity at all costs, and the neuroses that this generates, it's an objective fully shared.

The model of efficiency and hyperactivity is still going strong. Although this hectic lifestyle leaves no room for reflection, relaxation, to the natural rhythms and often hides problems, the people run and don't even know where. An act stubborn and repetitive, obsessive madness that drives a behavioral, a continues compulsion, often in vain.

Why all this extra-do? The reasons for such a neurosis, often hide a competition in terms of efficiency and value, the need for strong emotions to overcome the banality of everyday life, a sense of inadequacy that drives looking for confirmation. And then there is the inability or fear of letting go to the affections that justifies these actions replacement. People compensate with hyper labor/moving all their discomfort. It's a vicious circle: to impose on us non-stop activities, takes us away from what we are and prevents us from recognizing what we really want. With this alleged perfection we seek the so-called external consent and so we lose sight of our whole person. Disturbances from which grasp if these lifestyles make their mark are different, both psychological and organic. This aspect in the USA is called “burn out”, that burn out like a light bulb.

Important becomes the attitude to have a slow and sweet time. In Taoism there is wu wei, translated as “work without action” or “sitting quietly doing nothing”. In ancient China, this was regarded as one of the greatest achievements or virtues. The real “doing nothingimplies an absence of inner strength and an intense attention. So, all this is Uargh!


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