SARA NOVELLO BRAIT Assistant director
UGO NUZZO (Video Voyager)
Matteo Nigro
Mattia D. Miscia
Nicola Di Francescantonio
Sara Simoncelli
Gabriele Pallanca
Stefano Bergamaschi 
Silvia Demartis
Michele Vindimian 
Federico Galliano
Roberto Scarcella
Andrea Santona
Francesca Cangiotti
Matteo Forli


Director of photography  
Operator and Film Editor
Camera Operator
Camera Operator 

Assistant Camera Operator
Script Supervisor 
Boom Operator  
Boom Operator

Set Photographer


ZEROISO A handful of photographers wandering on the set that captures valuable film images and not
ALESSANDRO BECHIS, bench man pledged to turn signs

ANDREA ZANZOTTERA, the conceptual artist, very lazy and indolent pianist looking for the “sound”, which is suggested by the Shaman to realize the Uargh's research, which will change the horizon and the vital perspectives


CARLO MARENCO, mad doctor, enlightened in every sense, Great Curator of paZZienti (crazy patients). He runs in tandem with the Son of the Director and is pleasantly accompanied to the hospital by the Collector of Thunder's Lightning that, asking a hand on his arm, the necessary charging energy

CINZIA BASSANI, the latches controller. Head nurse, she has all the keys of the madhouse/world, but she can't get anywhere, except through external aid. Cook infatuated
DANIELE MURGIA, the Son of the asylum's Director, presumptuous and recommended by clientelism, prey of selfie-mania. Metaphor of arrogance of power, in league with the doctor of “paZZienti” (crazy patients)
ENZA SARACENO, bartender at Bar Bara and cleaning lady. She dreams of being a dancer of tango: indeed it serves customers in dance step
FABRIZIO POLINI, Basque cameraman running with the journalist: he smokes constantly, making his shots in particular way
FRANCESCA STOPPINO, Francesca Bertelli, mental asylum resident with the obsession to be a famous star of the silent movie era
GUIDO DAGNINO, vampire since 1600 and beyond, voice carrier, the central element. Through his narrative, the film's plot unfolds feeding his fantasies and not, from which - through Estoca's Game - originate the characters encountered. He's a count, he was interned “no one knows when, and he's a fine composer who eventually smokes his pipe. He've got strange electronic gadgets
MASSIMO BLANCO, the worker who wanders in the asylum

MAURO SABBIONE, Shaman, famous musician, who is wanted by the Artist. You will be aware that yes, of course, sound is important, but the true essence of existence lies in Uargh, universalis talisman


MICHELA RESI, the goblin Ginella, mischievous energy of the shaman, she suddenly materializes herself dispensing singing out of tune every time it happens an unexpected death, shaking a rattle, feeling which all the people nearby immobilize themselves


MIRO GATTI, peaceful astronaut, he's hit by apprentice machine gun and rushes into the glade
MIRO GATTI, the pram's baby
NERIO BERGESIO, bench's bluesman

ORESTE DE FORNARI, the Insane Angel that appearing to the engineer Bonanni at night, suggesting the creation of the Uargh's page. Tai-chi's Freak


ORNELLA FERRARO, the Apprentice of Death, pledged to take up the scythe that Death loses. She kills to distraction, don't know why. She goes all around wearing the headphones of her music reader and with her mascot, a little skull
PIER CURCI, Death, is presented with the typical black mantel. He suffered, no longer able to kill anyone because of his depression. Always lose the sickle (distracted by a continuous autolamentatio) and expects the board, stove exhausting work. Bickering constantly with S'Accabbadora and he's humiliated by his apprentice, causing victims involuntarily
RAFFAELLA IZZO, Pallas/Athena/Minerva, WFP, the runner: she's running and playing the flute, restores movement to all the inhabitants of the madhouse/world. Shamanic and beneficial energy. It is the Ginella's antithesis, whose interventions immobilize bystanders
RAFFAELLA IZZO, Ulla LLeros, Castilian journalist who goes around with the cameraman, while chasing the scoop on the vampire/composer. Climber, uses seductive tricks (coaxing, fuss) to get what she wants
ROBERTO MONANNI, the Software Engineer Bonanni who, after creating the electronic page of "La Zanzottereide", creates the one of the Uargh, inspired at night, during a restless sleep, by the Insane Angel
ROCCO DI DOMENICO, Wilson, the butler
SARA SIMONCELLI, the Collector of Thunder's Lightning. Intoxicated by contact with the arrows, it is in communication with the parallel dimensions of existence, by tuning with the same pointing his index finger upward. In this way attracts the lightning, sometimes creating havoc. She charging power who decides who may need it, starting with the doctor
SIMONA SERRA, S'Accabadora, or else the one who brings the sweet death in Sardinia for the terminally ill or assumed, with a flick of a tool made of olive wood, 'su mazzolu'. Intense gaze and highly ironic and bickering demystify death itself as trembling entities. She interlayers in Sardinian language
SONIA TESTA, multi-Victim of the Apprentice
VITTORIO ZOPPI, Uncle Vyk, the precious Cook in the psychiatric hospital and a former legionnaire, proposes concoctions in free exit. Pursued by the infatuated head nurse, it's used for issues by s'Accabbadora for criminal-culinary intent
CHORUS OF HOUSEWIVES OF VOGHERA: PEPOS BENEVELLI, FRANCESCA PENSO, SONIA TESTA, STEFANIA RESI in excellent sixties style dress, introduce and declaiming “Estoca's Game”'s characters
CORDULA KLÄGER, the fifth housewife, accompanies his team playing the violin
MUSICIANS: PIETRO MARTINELLI and FOLCO FEDELE, Shaman energy, they comping the artist in the search of the Sound
STORYBOARD: Enrico Sanna
Andrea Zanzottera, composer, piano, electric and acoustic guitars, electric bass, trumpet, background vocals, keyboards, virtual instruments
Mauro Sabbione, composer, piano, keyboards
Nerio Bergesio, composer, guitar, bass, harmonica, voice, background vocals
Daniele Bergesio, electric guitar
Pietro Martinelli, double bass
Ernesto Bortolin, drums
Folco Fedele, drums
Raffaella Izzo, flute, voice, backgrounds vocals
Cordula Kläger, violin
Simona Serra, voice, background vocals
Michela Resi, voice, background vocals



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