UARGH! it takes place on any day of any year and the location is the former Psychiatric Hospital of Genova Quarto, not randomly. Not only for its symbolic value required in a job like (metaphors abound), but also because this property was since the Eighties – the Museattivo Claudio Costa as the first – a convenient place and an important reference in the field of integrating health-creativity, with each type of proposal, increasingly becoming a rallying point for the territory of the East and for the whole city of Genoa. But the Psychiatric Hospital of Genova Quarto is also the place inextricably linked to Antonio Slavich, its director from 1978 to 1993. Slavich had been a longstanding collaborator of Franco Basaglia and one of the protagonists of the experience of Gorizia psychiatric. He died in 2009 at 74. In Genoa he brought this his luggage and advocated his idea of how he should act the Mental Health Service with a life force, a tenacity, a truly incredible will, despite dissent initially met. Uargh! It is dedicated to his tireless action.

And the experience of Uargh!, embracing these requirements in full, it is time to artistic product in itself, that the enrichment on the relational, interpersonal and social participants and spectators. A reflective work in progress about Health Right, that is contaminating the whole crew and beyond. And then, where is the mental asylum: in or out? Many of us are questioning about it.



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