The film is based on three entities the Movie Circle Lamaca Gioconda, the IMFI - Institute for Materials and Unaware Forms and the Society of La Zanzottereide

Film association LEA ARTeCINEMA

It was founded in 1988 by Ligurian section of Ipotesi Cinema, a school-laboratory of Paolo Valmarana and Ermanno Olmi. It creates and organizes, with the Province, Municipalities and the territory of Tigullio, format information and training films (clinical, educational, cultural), including the three-year school-laboratory “Tigullio Cinema” and the conference on Michelangelo Antonioni, emotionally attached to the Tigullio. Involved in projects of development's cooperation, and awareness of responsible tourism with national and international non-governmental organizations (in Cuba, Mexico, Mozambique, Sri Lanka, Nepal). It produces video documentation and advice on audiovisual communication. It collaborates with the social-health and educational initiatives of different levels. Since 1996 it became Movie Circle.



It was born within the movie association LEA ARTeCINEMA and was established in 1996 as an independent cultural association nonprofit. It's engaged in the organization and promotion of multimedia events, in the diffusion of artistic and cultural film's events. Until 2007, it's part of Italian Union of Film (UICC), one of the nine national associations, founded by Roberto Rossellini, chosen for its contents that the club shares. It cares educational activities in schools, with professionals and experts in the field of cinematography, movie reviews and projects of national interest, as “Las Huellas Del Sur” days of the Latin–American cinema, in the presence of Alejandro Jodorowsky and Fernando Solanas and a workshop with him. In recent twenty years, it became in the Tigullio zone, a credible landmark in film festivals for cultural and artistic exchanges. Since 2004 it promotes Cimameriche Film Festival of Taste and Migration, about the peculiarities of Liguria, a crossroads on the sea, with its stories of migration, knowledge of its heritage, its gastronomic resources, profound expression of the regional culture. A festival which aims to make interact three essential aspects of Ligurian history: the return-migration, the exported/imported cuisine and its contaminations, the cinema on this side and on the other side of the ocean. A festival which also aims to “bring back home”, every year, artists with Ligurian origins, almost unknown in Italy, but well known overseas as the argentine writer/director/producer Juan Bautista Stagnaro, Oscar winner, born in Riva Trigoso; the chilean Serjio Trabucco, one of the most popular Latin American producers, hailing from Chiavari; or the Peruvian director Chiara Varese, of Genoese origin, creating collaborations that continue even today, more projects with the Ligurian territory and “family rapprochements”. Lamaca Gioconda is based in Chiavari at Cinema Mignon, engaged for 25 years in programming in the province and belonging to FICE (Italian Federation of Cinema d'Essai). Its exhibitions with weekly projections (about 40 a year) are included in the Eurimages project.


IMFI - Institute for Materials and Unaware Forms

The IMFI (Institute for Materials and Unaware Forms) is an Association of Volunteers (NGO) founded in 1988, enrolled in the Regional Ligurian Register, in a state of agreement with the Genoese ASL 3 for the activities of art therapy from 1989. The institutional Task of IMFI is the promotion, spread and research of creative expression (painting, drawing, sculpture, writing, theater, music, audiovisual, etc.), through the meeting of different cultures and techniques that promote mutual knowledge which result in more exchanges and enrichments to better social integration of the different circumstances. From the beginning, IMFI relies on volunteer contributors who make available their scientific, humanistic and artistic knowledges, sure of interdisciplinary work, choosing as a field of action: the area of solidarity and promotion of the dignity and freedom of man (art. 2 of the Statute IMFI). From 1992 IMFI established the Museattivo of Unaware Forms (in the former psychiatric hospital in Genova Quarto dei  Mille) – as a commitment in the agreement between IMFI and Genoese ASL 3 – where are collected hundreds of works from various ateliers of expressive activities and artists that have wanted to recognize the merit of the proposed initiatives and which hosts also temporary exhibitions of emerging expressiveness.  Since 1995, at the death of the artist Claudio Costa, former president dell'IMFI, the active museum is called Museattivo Claudio Costa. Since 2003 IMFI has set up a theater section, the Group Collant (visual arts and set design) and the company Cheerfully (dance and choreography). Up to the present day, IMFI has published: Davide Mansueto Raggio. Una Periferia Creativa dell'Essere (A Creative Outskirts of the Being,1990) with the Office of Research and Documentation on Imaginary; Acts and exhibition catalog Evocare Colombo: Un Viaggio Virtuale (To Evocate Columbus, a Virtual Journey) (1992); Raggio (1993) with the Art Center of La Maddalena, Genoa, Publisher De Ferrari; Conference proceedings Art: Sites, Organised Tours And Items - art between virtuality and aesthetic object - the therapeutic creative expression (1993); collection of poems Parola Smarrita Parola Ritrovata (Lost Word, Found Word) (1995), recently published in a new look by Liberodiscrivere. In 2003, it was published the research carried out by IMFI, Auser and Coop. Saba, the volume entitled Dieci Centesimi Di Carrube (Ten Cents of Carob) - The City through the memory of the elderly, also published by Liberodiscrivere. In 2013, in cooperation with Ltd. Rhizomes-Art Brut, it was published the catalog of works by Davide Mansueto Raggio Un Mansueto Raggio. In 2014, for the exhibition of D.M. Raggio, S. Colombano Certenoli, in the Lascito Cuneo it was published the book Davide Mansueto Raggio, un artista fuori dal tempo (Davide Mansueto Raggio, an artist out of time).



Engineer Roberto Monanni, exhausted by the constant jokes that his esteemed piano teacher – Maestro Andrea Zanzottera – rattled off in a continuous stream during their piano lessons, for a kind of retaliation, around the end of 2008, created the Facebook page that bears this name, in order to carry the Critic Revue containing the best Zanzotterate, for the benefit of the digital people. To date, the page has over 1000 members, some of whom, at the right time, started to meet personally, creating memorable dinners followed by extemporary concerts by musicians members. It’s from these meetings that raised the creative need to make a film script aimed at the realization of a movie. From this the project Uargh! was born.


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