The Movie

UARGH! To the cataleptic search of the insane element.

A social and cultural film in 4D: Delirious, Demented, Irreverent, MyGodifIfindwhowroteit!

It’s better to pursue easiness rather than happiness or to waste time rather than to be efficient: all this is UARGH!, a grotesque fiction promoted by the Movie Circle Lamaca Gioconda and IMFI - Institute for Materials and Unaware Forms, supported by GLFC - Genova Liguria Film Commission, ServizItalia and Asl 3 Genovese, with patronage of UICC - Unione Italiana Circoli Cinema. Born as a strong social condemnation, the movie develops into a dreamlike and absurd tale on the subject of “idleness as cancellation of all no motion, absolute stillness, emptying actions”. In the real world people don’t want to think so they move incessantly, in Uargh! the absence of motion facilitates positive thinking and creativity. The Uargh! becomes the means of research, while La Zanzottereide turns into the Company of Seekers, in a surreal atmosphere. It’s thorough research, that comes from afar and goes beyond duty and guilt imposed by a society of consumption and increasingly frantic hyper-engaged.

THE PLOT. A journalist and a cameraman penetrate in a mental asylum looking for a mysterious composer, who tries to make known the Uargh! as existence modus, stating the uselessness of hyperactivism and racing pointless. He engages in the evolution of species and its message would aspire to a viral growth in every corner of the madhouse/world, if he were not to interact with different stories of repressed identity, crossed with each other with no apparent solution of continuity. These identities are tired, allow themselves to live; they do not know the contact if not deadly; they away inputs and intimacy. A daunting task in a confined space, which the protagonists live as the only possible reality….Going to make it?


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